Every Kate Graves quilt is made entirely by hand.   Fabrics come from a variety of sources and have been collected over 20 years, allowing for an entirely unique configuration for each quilt that can never be exactly reproduced.   Some the fabrics in my collection have come to me as gifts from friends and family, sometimes for use in their own custom quilts.   Using the principle of adaptive re-use, a percentage has been culled from second hand stores, often from Hawaiian shirts or batik skirts with intricate prints no longer available at conventional fabric stores.

All fabrics are machine washed three times to assure shrinkage and color fastness prior to being cut up for use.   My current aesthetic is to only use 100% cotton of top quality, because I do intend for these quits to sustain daily use.   Each is machine washable (cold water's best) and can be tossed in the dryer (delicate setting helps to keep the colors vibrant).   They make especially good swaddling for children, as they are made with organic cotton or bamboo fiber batting, thus unsullied by the flame retardant and synthetic materials that conventional crib gear comes saturated with.

Over time I have evolved a design aesthetic which is both simple and allows for incredible variety.   Using freezer paper cut into 5" squares, I 'frame' each square prior to cutting, allowing me to control the level of fabric detail on the most basic level.   As has been noted, I am not afraid of color- though careful consideration goes into each arrangement.   Once the layout has been established, I machine stitch the squares together, and similarly piece a backing fabric unique to each quilt.   I roll both onto the frame of my 12' Mega quilter, laminating them together with the batting by passing back and forth with a sewing machine which glides along, guided by a laser pointer which follows the stitching pattern I've drawn out.   The result is not unlike an industrial packing blanket used by movers- this method allows an individual signature with each pass of the machine, and yields an incredibly durable finished piece.

The edges of the quilt need to be tucked in and finished, so a border of doubled over fabric in a contrasting color completes the quilt.   This is hand-stitched to surround the entire perimeter.   This level of care in assembly allows the resultant quilt to be used without fear, and enjoyed on a daily basis.   I believe my work is imbued with special powers to grant the users a feeling of warmth and comfort that allows for deeper sleep and more colorful, vibrant dreams.


  New Series of Moving Blankets.   Made from 100% cotton, approx. 50" x 72" in size, hand bound and machine quilted
like utilitarian packing blankets; each is a collaborative effort with numerous co-creators.
  Red Center Scrap Quilt at  MADE   New Hope Arts   New Hope PA
  Capital Health Hopewell   Two "Building Blocks" healing arts quilts are permanently installed on the Oncology floor of this new hospital.
  Lucky 13  at the Teen Arts Festival   Mercer County Community College   Mercerville NJ
  Lucky 13  at  Art All Night   Roebling Wire Works   Trenton NJ
  Celebrating Nature’s Beauty in Stitches   Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens   Devon PA
  Fiber and Textile Exhibition   The Plastic Club   Philadelphia, PA
  By the Hand of Man and Nature: Solo Show   Capital Health Mercer Campus   Trenton NJ
  Pinot to Picasso   Arts Council of Princeton   Princeton NJ      A look back at this event may be found here.